Friday, October 22, 2010

“I want to go to there”

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany by Luiz Pires
There are so many places I want to see, I’ve been browsing and bookmarking and basically putting together travel porn (oh dear, that phrase isn’t going to be good for my blog search results is it). I’m going to Nice in may and maybe Davos in the summer, so that should satisfy me for the year. If I had unlimited funds I’d do a leisurely Trans Siberian Railway route through Russia and then travel around China and Japan. Where would you go?

St. George Orthodox Monastery in Wadi Qelt, Palestinian territories by Adam Fink.

Hanoi, Vietnam by Larpoon.

Iceland by orvaratli.

Prague, Czech Republic by Adam Gut.

Crystal River Mill, Colorado, USA by Rob Lee.

North Coyote Buttes near the Utah and Arizona border, USA by coulombic.

Varanasi, India by Larpoon.

Dalat, Vietnam by Larpoon.

Oia in Santorini, Greece by marcelgermain.

Brennisteinsalda volcano in Iceland by ystenes.

Honningsvåg, Norway by richard mcmanus.

Fribourg, Switzerland by Adam Gut.

Erg Chebbi sand dunes, Morocco by mikemellinger.

The Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland by letsgetjetset.


nubilus said...

Stunning! I used to have uncle that went to Orthodox Church...very beautiful...the Bavarian castle looks like its from a great fairy tale... beautiful

Savage Nugget said...

Some really epic scenery you got photographs of here.
I saved several for wallpapers. :D

SituationAbs said...

Looks amazing. Would also love to go sight seeing there one day!

Insurance Advice Guy said...

wow, epic pics! i wanna go to the first place too

LD said...

bavarial looks jsut amazing

Rorschach Redemption said...

I'm going to sound incredibly immature here, but I would really like to play paintball at some of these places.

honkhonkpt said...

Wow, that castle looks beautiful. All of the other pictures here are stunning as well. I, too, would like to go to these places. I've already been to Prauge a few times though. It's great!

Donkote said...

that picture of houses in Greece is absolutely amazing...

DaniniPanini said...

Oh wow, that first one! I want to put together some travel porn now, haha.

Hiphop Rising said...

wooow these are absolutely beautiful!!

BradsSportsBlog said...

i totally wanna go there too

4funz said...

Wow these look great